Declutter that Paper Mountain!

Declutter that Paper Mountain!

Like most Americans, we have accumulated tons of paper over many years of marriage. I bought my husband the most awesome tools to start ridding ourselves of this paper clutter. I have been going through 75 boxes of paper. Yes, you read that correctly! I have a daily budget of boxes to sort. I make 5 piles. First, paper to be recycled. This does not need to be saved or shredded. Second, paper to be shredded. This includes receipts from shopping that have my signature on them. Third, paper to be scanned, saved electronically, and then shredded. Fourth, paper to be scanned and saved, but not personal enough to require shredding. Finally, a donation pile. This includes file folders, hanging files, and notebooks. Every once in a while, there is a DVD or book that gets mixed in with the paper. The first awesome tool I want to share is the high speed scanner. This Epson is a WORKHORSE! I can give my husband a PILE of paper, and he feeds it in so quickly, he can be done with it before I can complete another box. To order one from Amazon for yourself, here is the link. I am an Amazon* Associate and earn commission should you choose to purchase from Amazon using the link above. 

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