How to Deal with a Pile of Plastic Cards!!!

How to Deal with a Pile of Plastic Cards!!!

I used to have stacks of cards! Usually they hung around my desk or sat in the storage bins of my car! Amazon sells some supplies that helped me get organized. First, I ordered a wallet that helps store tons of my gift cards, frequent shopper cards, and annual passes. I love the 60 slot holder, but they do have 20 and 40 as well! Secondly, I bought these business card pages that fit right into a regular 3-ring binder. That's where I keep my Rolodex and other plastic cards that are used less frequently. Try these out and see if they help get rid of your pile and help you put on a smile, too!

Click here to check out the Master Wallet!

Click here to check out the Insertable Notebook Pages.

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