Best Juice Ever!

Affordable Juicer for Celery

A month ago, I flipped in my bed and woke up in extreme pain because I went from my normal pillow to my fat, under-the-knee pillow. A couple of days later, I could barely move my head - turning 5-10 degrees each way - it was excruciating. This was my first REAL muscle pain - I just thought I'd experienced it before!

So, I did what I do best, and researched a way to bring down the inflammation in my body. ENTER.... CELERY JUICE!

This was a game changer!

I also bought the book from the author of the original celery juice movement. 

Thought I'd share my favorite affordable juicer: Affordable Juicer 

And, here's the book that started it all! 

If you don't buy the book, here's a quick guide: You juice 16 oz., or roughly 1 bag of celery each morning before eating anything - don't add anything else, and consume it on an empty stomach. You can eat 30 minutes afterwards. You need the celery's pure salts to cleanse the bad bacteria from your mouth, esophagus, gut, liver, brain, etc. It's AMAZING!

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